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I have the Post- Taiwan Syndrome

12 May

Like anyone who had such a great time overseas, coming back to reality, seems well- WHY???

I have this syndrome every time I get back home from a nice reality-free vacation. AND this time, the journey is to amazing Taiwan.

Taiwan is such a joy to be at. The people there are a joy to be with-kind,helpful, and definitely not LOUD! Taiwan is really a food paradise. The food there is just marvelous, and it doesn’t cost more than what you pay for in SG dollars YO!

Take a plate of beef steak served in a nice restaurant like ambiance for example, it costs TWD 180 (approx. SGD 7.90). It tastes even better than Jack’s Place too! Bearing in mind, TWD 180, includes salad, soup, garlic bread and a drink!

Restaurant Sign outside the restaurant

Menu Cover- Isn't it classy!?

Just a 2 page menu

We ordered from this side of the menu- Beefsteak is what we want.

Started off with a light salad

Beef Soup to get our appetite working

And garlic bread too!

Long awaited main course- Beefsteak!

For those who can't have beef try pork! Its as delicious too!

Arabic-like sauce holder containing black pepper sauce- on the house for those who order the Pork Set. A tiny tip, try pouring the black pepper sauce on your beef too, it just taste awesome.

The shopping in Taiwan is also amazing. Not too much of the bargain, like other shopping paradise Bangkok, but the price is quite reasonable. I bought shoes, tops (lots of them), bags, and some small accessories. All my items are less than SGD 11. None exceeded SGD 11, as the amount of dollars I brought with me did not allow me to spree like there’s no tomorrow. And I’m proud of myself that I am able to get such good steal. I mean bags and tops that cost SGD11, shoes going at SGD 8.70, one will be proud to find such wonderful loots!

There are some of the items I got from Taiwan.

Navy Blue Evening Bag

The interior of the bag

Checkered bucket bag

Flower-printed bag

The interior of the flower- printed bag

Bought the flower-printed bag and the checkered bucket bag from tian lan xiao bu

Day dress from WuFenBu Night Market

Dress on Me. Self- taken picture is definitely tough. All the pictures taken were distorted. I admire those who can do it.

Kneaded cardigan with light pink and white horizontal strips, blend right in with my wall

The many pairs of shoes I bought

Taiwan’s Theme Park is beyond your wildest imagination. We went to LeoFoo Village Theme Park. The rides are thrilling (up to my standard, I must say). There was a particular ride that was pretty much the scariest I have since so far in my life, and I would think twice before getting on it. My girlfriends and I didn’t get on that ride though. Maybe next time we would? I mean, if I could find someone brave enough to ride it, maybe I would *winks*.

Took a cab to the Theme Park, which is about the same price as taking a public bus from the train station to the theme park

Welcome to LeoFoo Village Theme Park YO

The entrance for the brave hearted ones

This is the ride (SCREAMING CONDOR) that I would consider twice before sitting unless I have someone brave enough to sit it with me. AND I have no idea what is the American flag doing there.

Screaming Condor Q-ing area for the brave souls

Watch how the brave people scream their lungs out. How awesome!

There is so much about Taiwan like the nice gorgeous mountains and clear blue waters that I haven’t yet to see- maybe someday. Not forgetting the Taiwanese delights I have yet to try.

Oh man, I miss YOU already.

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