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Book Review: Th1rteen R3asons Why?

13 Jun

This book was introduced to me by two YouTube girls. They were doing a video on some of their favourite books, and as they described each of them, I only find this very one deeply hitched in my mind.

This is a library book in hardcover.

The story plot is really intriguing! And may I say, this is my very first book that caused me to shift over to a different genre other than romance- CRIME/MYSTERY!

Th1rteen R3asons Why? is about a SUICIDE.

A girl in a new place. A new beginning? WRONG. She faced mental torture. Why? You have to read this book to find out! šŸ˜€

In this book, the reader is the main character in the story. The reader/he is one of the 13 reasons why the girl killed herself. So if the reader/he is one of the 13 reasons, then who are the other 12 reasons why she killed herself?

This book brings you on a journey to find out who else caused the indirect death of the girl. The reader/he has to listen cassette tape recordings of the death girl telling her story of WHY SHE DECIDED TO TAKE AWAY HER LIFE!

Just imagine: A classmate in your school just committed suicide, and you are listening to tape recordings of her!? Scary? Sad? Angry? You decide.

Personally, I was very interested in knowing who are the 13 horrible people that forced a girl into suicide. Then after the entire book, I realized that it was partly the dead girl’s fault as well.

I mean, why take away your own young life just because of some obstacles in your teens? There are so many people who cares about you. There’s no need to be so pessimistic about it. Whatever it is, I am sure there is someone out that you can talk to. SOMEONE.

For those you have read the book, you will probably know who I am referring to when I say SOMEONE. (Hint: One of the 13 people that caused her death)

This book is different from other books because I have never read any books that is written in such a refreshing way. About 70-80% of the book is based on tape recordings the main character has to listen to. So basically, me, as a reader can understand, 1st hand, why the girl killed herself.

Pretty interesting, huh?

I spend my last school semester reading this when I was bored, in the train, or just don’t feel like studying.

If you have read this book, do share your thoughts with me! I would love to read them and exchange thoughts!

Until next time,

see you guys again! ā¤

A Bookwormsy Affair: Lost and Found

31 May

My encounter with storybooks happened at a really young age, probably when I was in pre-school- I think, or at least that’s how I had remembered.



My mother would always read to us on most nights before bed. Kiddie stories like the:

  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Little Red Riding Hood
  • Peter and Jane (Ladybird Book Series)
  • The Enormous Turnip


My all time favourites are Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Enormous Turnip! I would get my mum to read the same book many nights in a row. I remember as she read, I would fixate my eyes on the illustrations on the left side of the book, while she read the words on the right side.


My mother would read this exact same book! Memories Memories!

Halfway through, she would paused and asked, ‘Are you looking at the words?” Quickly, I would pretend to be looking at the right side of the book, and nodding my head! Haha! šŸ˜€




Just wanting their kids to recognise those words in the books

Just wanting to see the nice illustrations, and interpret the story based on the pictures!


In primary school, I was so into the romance genre. How typically girly right? I loved the series of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s and Sweet Valley High. I would read them during second language classes. Haha! Come on, who doesn’t? And even if you are not guilty for reading during language lessons, I bet you are guilty for day-dreaming! šŸ˜€


I would exchange storybooks with friends who had other Mary-Kate and Ashley’s or Sweet Valley High’s series. I have never own a Sweet Valley High storybook before.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s books from my humble book collection!

Mary- Kate and Ashley’s books!


One of my classmates introduced the Just George series- The famous character from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. In my 4th year of primary school,Ā I was pretty hooked onto them for awhile. Of all the 6 books, I have like 4 of them at home (they are still sitting on my dusty shelves right now).


My super duper old books!

My super duper old books!


I would pester my mother to get me those books, and she would refuse. After much whining, she gave in; with a condition: I had to pay for them. Oh well, I don’t mind, as long as I get my hands on the untouched, new- smelling books.



I lost touch of storybooks when I entered junior college. With the lecture notes to ‘entertain’ me, who needs more entertainment from storybooks? Okay, maybe I was just not putting the effort to make time. GUILTY!


I managed to keep in touch with storybooks during my summer vacation in my 1st ? Or 2nd year of college (I can’t really remember). I could actually complete 1 book after the many years of losing touch with storybooks. Then, I was still into the romance genre.


LOST, then finally… FOUND!

After that 1 pitiful book that I managed to complete (which I was pretty proud of), I lost contact with storybooks AGAIN. It was until recently this year that I have a sudden interest in crime, murder, mystery related books! How creepy and sadistic is that?!? But yeah, I have FOUND storybooks in my life again! So that’s a plus point!


I have done some readings over the pass few months. I would probably do book reviews soon! So watch of for that if you are into crime, murder, and sadistic stuff like me! Wahaha..


Okay, I not that creepy as I sound.


So see you guys real soon! Tell me what’s your favourite storybook genres! I would love to be introduced to some cool storybooks! SO RECOMMENDATIONS ANYONE?


Sundown 2012- A blind mouse

29 May

Part of the race pack- Participant’s guide

Many people think that the 2012 Sundown Marathon has 2 categories- 21km (half), and 42km (full). Not surprising, as the name of the event is called Sundown Marathon 2012.

Of course BFF and I joined can’t never possibly join a half or a full marathon! Come on, let’s be real here people, we aren’t exactly the fit type. We joined the third, LESS muscleĀ exerting category: the 10km! And thus, the title for this post is Sundown 2012, and not Sundown Marathon 2012. Then why ‘ a blind mouse’? Well, you have to read on. šŸ˜€

My last so-called 10km ‘race’ was about 7 months ago, where BFF and I took part in our very 1st run- The Nike Run. Check out my thoughts on that atĀ Ā https://alldayeverydayness.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/striking-off-an-item-on-my-to-do-list-before-i-grow-old/

Being the 1st time taking part in a Sundown event, I thought the run would commence in the evening, and the participants wouldl run until the SUN goes DOWN- thus a SUNDOWN event right? Well, call meĀ ignorant, but that’s how IĀ interpretedĀ it! How creative was I right? šŸ˜€

Most admin stuffs like registration, and checking out for updates when the event was nearing was entirely done by BFF. I’m the lazy kind who doesn’t like checking stuffs like that. Well, luckily I have her to do the ‘job’ for me! Hurray for that!<3

While many people trained hard or at least TRY to train for the ‘race’, BFF and I were, I like to believe, the slackest participants! We never really train for the event. For me, I would just jog once a week. And for BFF? Well, I think she will kill me if I would to tell you how she ‘trained’, so let’s just say we were pretty bad when it comes to training. ;D

TheĀ flag-off time for the 10km category was at 10.30pm on 26 May 2012. I’m not really comfortable jogging at night, especially if it’s an unfamiliar place. I don’t wear glasses when I jog, and I’m not comfortable having contact lenses on. So I pretty much a blind mouse when the sun goes down, and I’m not wearing my glasses.

From the time of flag-off, I was a semi-blind jogger, jogging in the city- on the roads of Singapore! Oh boy, how dangerous!

I could barely see what was ahead of me, when there were’t street lights. And even with street lights, I totally missed 7 of the signboards telling me how many kilometers me had run!

Not knowing the distance I had covered, whenever I felt like giving up and slowing down, I would alwaysĀ assumed that I was completing soon. And of course, my hopes collapsed after jogging an extra 5-10 moreĀ torturousĀ minutes!

The only 2 signboards which I saw indicting the distance one has covered was the ‘8km’ and ‘9km’. I felt like I nearly died when I first saw the ‘8km’ signboard. My legs were killing me, especially the muscle on my left foot, and I still had 2km more!

Seriously, I had no idea how I even managed to complete this event. But I’m glad I did! I mean, those who completed get a medal! My very first outside-school-medal! Nice! šŸ˜€

And sharing the experience with BFF is one thing that will always be cherished!

My 1st finisher Medal!

My Run Score! Was slower as compared to my previous Nike Run.

Getting ready to board the shuttle service back home. It’s probably 40 minutes pass midnight!

Group Shot!

Easter Bunny Spring Nails

5 Apr

Easter Sunday is in a few days! So I decided to get some inspirations for nails on YouTube! And… I have found some really cute and simple ones. If you don’t celebrate Easter, you still can recreate this nail art, as it’s really cute, bubbly and just so pretty for the Spring season! You can practically wear this nail design all year round! I mean, who doesn’t like a cute bunny or two in their lives right? In my case, I have 10 bunnies to keep me accompany! šŸ˜€

So let’s jump into everything shall we?

Basically we start of with a base colour. You can use any cute pastel colours (it’s Spring time!), or you can go for the shimmer. I chose the shimmer as I don’t own many pastel nail polishes, and I really wanted a more bright and shinny overall. So the shimmer is my calling!

I have also decide to go with more than 1 base colour- I wanted a more fun style this Easter and Spring. So I many chosen a metallic/shimmer blue, green and orange:

Left to Right: Eleanor's Blue, Eleanor's Green, OPI's Totally Tangerine

Here is the look after applying the 3 base colours:

These colours make me super happy! šŸ˜€

Next up is painting out the bunny face and I used just a simple Eleanor’s white polish. And the outcome?

The outlook for this actually seems really nice! This gives me an idea of doing french tips using bright coloured bases!

Now for the bunny ears!

The bunny ears need not be perfect, some pairs of ears may be closer than others, and that’s fine. You want to have all your bunnies with different personalities right? šŸ˜€

Let’s add in the details on the bunny ears first! This gives it depth, and highlights the ears more. I use The Face Shop’s Nude nail polish.

Now let’s add details on the bunny’s face- adding in the eyes! Since I do not have black polish, I chose my super dark purple that I have- Arezia’s purple. It has a little shimmer in it- not that I want it to have any glitter, but this is my only darkest nail polish. So, if you don’t have black like I do, you can improvise by choosing the darkest polish in your personal polish collection.

And we have cute bunny eyes!

Next we need noses for the bunnies to breathe, so I’m using the same tangerine nail polish by OPI, you have seen earlier to create the little dot as the noses. Doesn’t this picture look absolutely adorable!Ā The lighting in my room really does justice and enhance the beauty of this photo!

I totally love this picture!

Last detail on the face of the bunny is to enhance the cute fluffy cheeks of the bunnies! You were thinking the last detail should be the mouth of the bunnies weren’t you? Haha! If you girls prefer adding the mouth instead of the cheeks, and it’s really fine as well! šŸ˜€ For the cheeks, I usedĀ The Face Shop’s Nude nail polish.

After applying a top coat to give each nail extra shine and allow the design that you have worked hard on last much longer, we are DONE! šŸ™‚

For all the details I have done, for instance the bunny’s extra depth ears, the eyes. the nose and the cheeks, it was all done with the dotting tool I just purchased recently! Absolutely love them. They are so easy andĀ convenient to use. Good at creating dots of small and large sizes! Not that toothpicks and bobby pins aren’t good, but the dotting tools does give you the different options of dot sizes. If you do not have or want to invest in a set of dottingĀ equipment, then using toothpicks or bobby pins will get to a similar effect.

Here’s my tools:

Summary of how to get to bunny fingers! šŸ˜›

Easy steps to get bunny nails!

Here are some finished photos!

Which side of the hand has better bunnies? I kinda prefer my right! But the left side has cute big eyes on them (unintentionally done)! Can't decide!

My favourite bunny on my left thumb

I got my inspiration from:

Disclaimer: All the items mentioned above are entirely purchased by me.

Items can be purchased at Sasa for the Eleanor’s blue and green Nail Polish, at Sephora for the OPI’s Totally Tangerine Nail Polish, and at The Face Shop for the nude Nail colour. The dotting tool was purchased online.

Cupcake nails to Topical Fruity

23 Jan

My second attempt to Cupcake Nails! And yes, it was ANOTHER failed attempt- from Cupcakes to Fruits! šŸ˜¦

If you haven’t seen my previous blog post on my first attempt to get Cupcake Nails, here it is:Ā https://alldayeverydayness.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/from-cupcakes-to-penguinies/

But it turned out nice in the end. So yeah, it’s just love!

Basically I started out with my base coat: Green Metallic polish. Then I did my white snowyĀ frostingĀ for my supposedly ‘Cupcakes’. Here is a picture of my nails in the process:

Base coat and white frosting!

So after applying the most tedious part- the frosting, next is my mostĀ favorite part: adding the cherries and sprinkles! Not only it’s super easy, it’s really fun to add the dots on the nails!

I used luminous orange polish for my cherries, as I do not have red polish. Orange polish does the job too! šŸ™‚

Orange cherries on my 'Cupcakes'

Ā After the cherries, it’s sprinkles time! I used blue metallic nail polish as sprinkles. I wanted to used a few colours, but was a little lazy. šŸ˜› So if you like colours (I’m sure everyone does),you may want to improvise by add more colours to your Cupcakes. However, using just a single colour for the sprinkles is still AMAZING!

Blue sprinkles!

After the sprinkles, don’t forget the top coat to make your freshly ‘baked’ ‘Cupcakes’ or Fruits (in my case), look super glossy! Here are some pictures of my final product! With love:

Cupcakes turned Fruits

After having done my left finger nails, my first though was, ” Cupcakes? Hmmmm, I don’t think so, more like poisonous fruits from a faraway land!” šŸ˜¦

I took a snap and picture texted my BFF, and here is what she replied.

Screenshot conversation between me and BFF

BFF thinks it’s like a kiwi! It’s probably because of the blue sprinkles! Haha! What do you pretty girls think of it? Do you think it’s some kind of fruit too? Leave me a comment, and start working on your Cupcake Nails too! It’s really fun.

Post me pictures after you attempt, I would really love to see them! ā¤

If you are wondering what I used to make the sprinkles and the cherries. Well, I used toothpicks, if you have a dotting tool, then that’s great! But if not, toothpicks work just as well.

Just a little tip from me to you:Ā When using toothpicks, be sure to snip off a small bit of the sharp edge- this will give you nice circular dots.

Here are the polishes I used for this fruity nail creation!

Left: Metallic Green (base coat) Right: Snowy White (frosting)

Left: Luminous Orange (Cherries) Right: Metallic Blue (Sprinkles)

Top coat to get the perfect shine!

So that’s it for now! Hope you had fun with you nail creation!


Christmas Then and Now

26 Dec


Christmas was magical. The Christmas mood started roughly about 3 weeks- 4 weeks before Christmas. With all the excitement to get the tree out and well decorated. I still remember the joy of taking all the ornaments out of the storage and placing them on the tree one by one. I still remember the cute little reindeers, angels, Santa, baby Jesus statue, the three wise men statues, the manger (where Jesus was born in) of course, not forgetting the bright yellow star that always goes on top of the tree.


I was young, and much shorter (not that Iā€™m any taller now), I always had a hard time get the bright star up on the tree. Being taller, my brother would always place the last piece of yellow up. The joy of seeing the well decorated tree lit up in the dark by the Christmas lights that were wrapped round it, was just so amazing. I was always so excited to show the lovely tree to my father when he got home from work.


I still remember my brother and I would quickly switch off all the lights in our home and hid behind the Christmas tree when we heard our fatherā€™s keys jingled along the corridor. As he entered, we would immediately switch on the Christmas lights to give our Dad a surprise. How happy and joyous Christmas was.


On Christmas Eve, we would go to my Auntā€™s apartment for a Christmas gathering. There will be lots of food and cakes, and ice cream. The choir from church would also gather at her apartment and sing wonderful Christmas carols. Food and music during the festive season is just love.


The anticipation of the presents was killing me. My brother(s) and I would never, I mean NEVER, wait till Boxing Day to have our gifts all ripped apart. We would always do the gifts unwrapping on Christmas Day night. We would be all so excited to what our Aunts, Uncles, and parents had given us. We would envy each other when the gifts of the other were better. Christmas Day night was our self-declared Boxing Day. That night, the living room was filled with excitement and screams.


Christmas is not so magical. Christmas mood did not start a month before Christmas. The Christmas tree was left in storage for the pastā€¦ many years. I have not seen the ornaments in ages. In addition, on Christmas Day night, the living room was not filled with screams and excitement. So how do I prepare for Christmas now that I am not all excited about the commercialised Christmas?


As I grow older, Christmas is not about the presents or the tree or the decorations. Frankly, I did not do much to prepare for Christmas. But I know itā€™s about preparing oneself for the coming of Christ. But was I ready/prepared for the coming of Christ this Christmas? I was busy with work, and holiday trips, and going out with friends. So no, I was not ready.


Comparing then and now, Christmas to me (then), was how the world sees it to be. Commercialised- all the presents, beautiful lights and the well-decorated trees. All these donā€™t represent the true meaning of Christmas.


Even though I was not prepared this Christmas, at least I know what I have to do to get myself ready for Christmas. Pray, and be in expectation for the coming of our Saviour. I will try again next year to be well ready for Christmas.

Happy Boxing Day everyone! šŸ˜€


Striking off an item on My ‘To-Do-List-Before-I-Grow-Old’

13 Oct

I am sure many of us have a list of totally crazy things we would so love to try out before- well…we grow old and have a weak heart. Then all those crazy things would seem to be too detrimental to our poor heart.

I so happen to have that very list! There are a million and one things I so want to do. Bungee Jumping, riding on the craziest rollerĀ coaster of all time- so mad dangerous that I believe I would actually puke DURING the ride, sky diving,Ā scuba diving, climbing Mt.Everst- Yeah, I know right?!?, go to one of myĀ favorite band’s/singer’s concert to experience the moment, to ride on a horse on a green pasture, and the list of items goes on.

Joining a race definitely was something on my list- BUT not anymore! šŸ˜€ BFF randomly mentioned onĀ Facebook about joining the Nike- We Run SG 10Km. Being a person who does things before thinking, I agreed, and there I was-Ā registered for the 10km run!

At the race site

I had never in my entire life ran 10km. Hell, with 2.4km, I already had hard time to overcome it. I remember in high school, the running component of the NAFA test was always a disaster, and a big hurdle- always got a grade C (and a grade C is after multiple trys- just imagine how lousy a runner I was).

The ironic thing is that BFF and I never once trained together for this event- due to school and other commitments. We usually did our own training. Well, I wouldn’t call that training because prior to the race, we both had never ran 10km before. My longest prior to the run was about 7.2km plus- and that was just it. I am so amazed that I could actually complete 10km. I mean, I wasn’t rooting to be one of the best runners with wonderful timing. All I wanted was to COMPLETE. Just completing the event was already a HUGE accomplishment.

To avid runners out there, my timing to you may not be good- Hell, it may be lousy. BUT who cares, I am still proud toĀ announceĀ it. Yeah, I clocked in 1h 14.5mins for a distance of 10km. *Embracing the Proud Moment*

My Run Score

A friend of mine who is an avid runner- taking part in many such runs, told me to enjoy my first run. She is so right. We want to first of everything to be memorable. The first day in school, the first steps, the first words, etc. All these first moments areĀ preciousĀ to us.

On 9 October 2011, it marks my day- my first moment that I’m actually proud of. I finallyĀ realizedĀ that the joy comes about no when you have outdone others, but when you have outdoneĀ yourselves. Compete against yourselves and not others- only then can the true sense of satisfaction be felt.

Of once, I actually felt proud of myself. It is so much better than getting an A in a test or exam (not that getting an A is not good, but the sense of accomplishment is just not there).

I cannot believe joining such runs can give me such an enlightenment.

Another thing that IĀ realizedĀ is that when you know someone for so long. You learnt to accept him/her for who they are. Bad, irritating habits are the things you embrace. Sure, I will not deny I will be piss initially when their irritating habits arise, but at the end of the day, I would say,’ Why doesn’t this surprise me?’

On the day of the event, BFF and I were arranged to meet at 5.50am. I woke up at 5.20am,giving her a morning call to make sure she was also awake.Ā SeveralĀ calls made to noĀ vial. 5.30, 5.40,soon 5.50am- No answer to her cellphone. Her house phone was engaged too! What to do? What to do? Ā I knew she was still asleep. The race commence at 7.15am, at a place in the East. We were going to be late.

And, no doubt I was pissed. I woke up so early only to find out that she overslept and we were going to be late! Then soon it was 6am. I wasn’t that pissed anymore. IĀ resignedĀ to fate. ‘Guess this run wasn’t meant to be, why wasn’t I surprised?’

I went to turn on my computer to start on my college assignment. 10 minutes later, she phoned. Of course, my voice sounded hostile. But in the end weĀ managed to arrive on time. WeĀ managedĀ to snake through from the back to close to the starting line.

From this incident, I can only conclude one thing: I am still able to talk to her because she is my friend like forever. Sure she is usually late. Sure she cancels appointment at the last minute. Sure she is always hard to reach at the time I am looking for her urgently. But at the end of the day, she is my BFF. Isn’t this what BFFs do? Embracing and just dealing with the flaws- though they just so piss you off.

I meant if she was a person whom I am not close to, oh boy, I might just hate that person so much.

This event is so meaningful to me. I have found my first proudest moment, and a reminder that she will always be my BFF.

And finally, I can strike off one item on my To-Do list now! šŸ˜€

Next up, bungee jumping/sky diving in Australia?!?

At the Finish Line

After our 10km run

Upon completion, we got a Nike Thumbdrive, 1 can of 100Plus, 1 bottle of water, and a banana

And Yes, we completed

A 2GB thumbdrive given upon completion

Snap at the free photo booth- the Q was pretty long though. But all so worth it, considering it was out (BFF and mine) very 1st official memo ā¤

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