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The Buying has to STOP

14 May

I am so into skincare, to a point that my mother is sort of afraid of me buying any more. I’m insane I tell you. In just 1 month, I can buy 2 different brands of products- NONE OPEN. There’s got to be something really wrong with me.

I am currently using a mixture of brands for skincare- Lo’real, Neutrogena, etc. About a month or 2 ago, I so have to stumble across Za skincare products in a Watson outlet near my place. Now, I know most would say Za skincare range has been around a long time, and me discovering it recently- well it’s a little updated isn’t?

But I honestly didn’t know that since Za shelves were actually under the cosmetic section in the Watson store! So naturally, I thought Za was into cosmetic! Anyway, the first product that caught my eye was Za True White Lotion. And Why?? It states that it will diminish acne scars. I have breakouts, and the time for the scars to lighten and disappear is torture! So this product has already captured my attention to pick it up and read the labels behind the bottle.

What was worst, was the fact that it was on 20% or 30% discount! Argh! I had to buy it! So in the end I took the green Watson basket, and loaded my goods in. I told myself I will finish all my products at home, and then I can start finish with my new Za products! Yay!

In the end I spend SGD 70 plus! It’s okay, I told myself, these can last me like what- at least half a year or longer? Of my entire life, I have never spend that much on skincare in one go. Well, maybe I did spend that much but never at one go. So I had a little heart ache. BUT I was happy. So that was all that matters right? Hmmmm

Here are the Za products that I have gotten.

Sun Screen- A must before leaving the house

Night Cream

Day moisturizer with spf

True White Lotion that caught my eye

All these costs about SGD 70

About a week or 2 after I bought my Za range from Watson, I went to town with my mum. There was a sale promoter at the Vichy counter of Watson. She promoted items suitable for my mum- brown spots/age spots, etc. She my mum gotten. And me? She introduced this green range- Normaderm. And of course, without thinking that I already have my recently bought Za products UNOPENED at home, I decided to buy. Yup, that’s me! I bought some Vichy products from Watson, and since Guardian was just in close range, I decided to popped in to check out the price- whether its comparable. And yeah, a sale lady was there. Being me, with any sale person around, I would never leave empty- handed! WHY??

In my defense, the lady was so nice! She gave my mum so many free samples- be it in sachets or in small travel size. She even gave my mum a night cream is a bottle- which looked like retail! How awesome is that! So I bought another batch of Vichy. I was determined to quickly finish my current skincare products, and then use Za, and then Vichy. I’m crazy. I don’t think I was in a mental sane state! Why in the world did I buy so many? Now in my upper bedroom cardboard lies unopened bottles and tubes! My mum said I’m crazy, and spendthrift. She’s right! But I was happy. I love Vichy!

I’m thinking of sticking to Vichy after I finish all others. Please don’t let me go near another sales person, if not I would think otherwise. I was easily convinced! Oh man!

Here are the goods in total that I have gotten from Vichy. Some of which are samples.

I don't even want to count the exact amount I have spend on them

The many samples that the nice lady gave ( there is more not captured on camera)

I need to have some self-control! Really. Or maybe I have someone who is firm enough to STOP me. But ultimately, I still happy that I have bought Vichy! 🙂

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