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Blood On My Hands By Todd Strasser

29 Jul

Book Review

I have read this book super duper long ago (like a few months ago; surprised that I could actually remember the bulk of it- this shows how good this book is, ya? haha..), but I just could not find time to sit and do the review. So here it is (like finally):

For those who are into the mystery and crime genres, this book is definitely for you. I couldn’t get my hands off this book. Once I started reading, I have been reading chapter after chapter, until my eyes grew tired, focusing me to take a break. The story line really keeps the readers in suspends, and this is what makes me want to continue on with the next chapter!

So what is the suspends? From the title, you would have guessed it has something to do with bloody murder. So the suspends…The murderer, of course. Who…? But why…? And how…? She…? He…?

Just not to be a spoiler to the book (no one likes a spoiler, especially when one wants to read the book himself), here is just a short synopsis:

Imagine yourself next to a dead body…(Hmmm.. why would anyone want to imagine that :S)

The body whom you know- your ‘friend’. You have blood on your hands- blood that belongs to the dead body. You have school mates who snapped pictures of you next to the body with bloody hands exposed.

All evidences are on you. YOU ARE THE KILLER. Are you that innocent? Or you are indeed a cold blooded murderer? And why in the world would you be next to a dead body for goodness sake?!?!

This whole book allows you to journey with the accused. How she tries to prove her innocence; when everyone and every evidence are against her. From the book, I could feel her struggle and the agony she went through- hiding from the cops in shabby areas and not being able to shower or have clean clothes.

Oh boy, if you know me well enough, you would know what pain and torment it would have been for me not being able to have a decent shower, or clean clothes. Hence, I was able to feel the distress she was going through.

If it was me, I would probably just turn myself in to get a decent shelter and shower. That’s how weak I am. Haha…

So why doesn’t the accused just turn herself in if she was innocent? Well, you have to read to find out. 🙂

I love books like this, where every chapter is a chapter closer to finding who is the murderer. And just a wee bit spoiler information (I know, I know, I am contradicting myself- but this small information does not harm, right? :S ), the ending is just _________. Well you fill in the blank for me when you have read it, or had already read it. Haha.. I am not going to tell you the ending- DUH.

I rate this book 5/5, because it has an intriguing story line, and it is also easy to read. If you haven’t read this go borrow it from the national library! You won’t regret reading this. The story is just so real, and not blown out of proportion- not dramatically distant at all! As I read, I could literally imagine myself as the main character- struggling to find the truth!

Leave a readers’ comment below after reading the book. I would love to know what you think of it! 😀

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