My Side of the Story

I love travelling to soak myself in another culture; in another country. The world is so magnificent, I don’t want to be a frog in a well- in my little safe zone.

I love doing stuffs out of the ordinary. I would love to try sky-diving, bungee jumping, and climbing Everest one day. I mean, I saying all these crazy activities, but am I fit or even mentally sane to do it, well, it’s another story. But for now, these are some of the ‘out of the world’ cray cray activities I would love to try before I die!


Cape Byron, Gold Coast Australia

Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok Thailand

My BFF too share the same love for travelling. We enjoy, ok maybe just me, talking crap about each other, and then laughing uncontrollably loud like some kind of craze lunatic just out of the asylum for a breather.


There she is....

There she is….

She knows Kung Fu. I think...

She knows Kung Fu. I think…

We love meeting and chatting over food. I think it’s cause my BFF is such a foodie, oops..! We eat…

BFF and I at a Chinese restaurant in town

And eat…

At DreamWorld, Pandmonium Land..

At DreamWorld, Pandmonium Land..

Just a simple meal chatting about all the crazy and embarrassing moments  is my kind of day.

Chinese Beef Fried Noodle at a Hong King style eatery in JB

Tom Yum is all so YUMmy in BKK

In first love with Mexican Food in Citadel, USA

Burger and Fries! I love..!

Burger and Fries! I love..!

I love looking at old couples together holding hands. I find comfort that love still exist in this world where divorce is so common. I love starring at fluffy white clouds up in the blue sky- all my troubles just melts away.

I would love to dance in the rain. I have never tried that before though. AND I know I would definitely get sick, but I want to try that someday.

Perfect day at the beach...

Perfect day at the beach… Fluffy white clouds

I love going for a long jog when I’m stress, or just feeling FAT. Running makes me think about the run and less about the things that are stressing me out.

My very 1st run!

Well, this is my world!

God Bless!

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