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Cupcake nails to Topical Fruity

23 Jan

My second attempt to Cupcake Nails! And yes, it was ANOTHER failed attempt- from Cupcakes to Fruits! ūüė¶

If you haven’t seen my previous blog post on my first attempt to get Cupcake Nails, here it is:¬†

But it turned out nice in the end. So yeah, it’s just love!

Basically I started out with my base coat: Green Metallic polish. Then I did my white snowy¬†frosting¬†for my supposedly ‘Cupcakes’. Here is a picture of my nails in the process:

Base coat and white frosting!

So after applying the most tedious part- the frosting, next is my most¬†favorite part: adding the cherries and sprinkles! Not only it’s super easy, it’s really fun to add the dots on the nails!

I used luminous orange polish for my cherries, as I do not have red polish. Orange polish does the job too! ūüôā

Orange cherries on my 'Cupcakes'

¬†After the cherries, it’s sprinkles time! I used blue metallic nail polish as sprinkles. I wanted to used a few colours, but was a little lazy. ūüėõ So if you like colours (I’m sure everyone does),you may want to improvise by add more colours to your Cupcakes. However, using just a single colour for the sprinkles is still AMAZING!

Blue sprinkles!

After the sprinkles, don’t forget the top coat to make your freshly ‘baked’ ‘Cupcakes’ or Fruits (in my case), look super glossy! Here are some pictures of my final product! With love:

Cupcakes turned Fruits

After having done my left finger nails, my first though was, ” Cupcakes? Hmmmm, I don’t think so, more like poisonous fruits from a faraway land!” ūüė¶

I took a snap and picture texted my BFF, and here is what she replied.

Screenshot conversation between me and BFF

BFF thinks it’s like a kiwi! It’s probably because of the blue sprinkles! Haha! What do you pretty girls think of it? Do you think it’s some kind of fruit too? Leave me a comment, and start working on your Cupcake Nails too! It’s really fun.

Post me pictures after you attempt, I would really love to see them! ‚̧

If you are wondering what I used to make the sprinkles and the cherries. Well, I used toothpicks, if you have a dotting tool, then that’s great! But if not, toothpicks work just as well.

Just a little tip from me to you: When using toothpicks, be sure to snip off a small bit of the sharp edge- this will give you nice circular dots.

Here are the polishes I used for this fruity nail creation!

Left: Metallic Green (base coat) Right: Snowy White (frosting)

Left: Luminous Orange (Cherries) Right: Metallic Blue (Sprinkles)

Top coat to get the perfect shine!

So that’s it for now! Hope you had fun with you nail creation!


Satisfied; Proud Moment

8 Jan

During this semester break, which¬†officially¬†ends today (Boo…), I did things which I had never thought I would actually do!

Bestie and I had actually set up a YouTube Travel Vlog channel featuring our recent travel experience! Since it was only launched last month, we only had a few vids up. But I am very sure more vids will be up when we continue travelling in the future.

In order to get the travel vids up, I had to learn how to use the video editing program. Being a super duper IT noob, I thought I would use all eternity to master it. But sooner than I thought, I have gotten use to it! Editing the travels videos we did in Port Dickson, Malaysia was fun, and not as tedious as I thought it would! (Do check the vids out- link down below!)

*Big accomplishment for an IT noob* *Proud moment*

Never in a zillion years could I see myself talking to a¬†camera; in front of people who would walk pass you, and thinking to themselves ‘What in the world is this girl doing?’

Yup, I did that, alright! I got out of my comfort zone, and just do it! This travel Vlog experience has made me more confident, maybe not so confident, but hey, I’m getting there- SOMEDAY…

*Big accomplishment for a not so out-spoken person* *Proud moment*

Aside that, bestie and I have also launched our travel blog to go with our travel vlog!

Travel Blog:

Screenshot of our travel Blog: Travel Diaries

Travel Vlog:

Screenshot of our travel Vlog on YouTube!

If you are interested in travel, do check us out on our travel channel, and our blog! Do leave us comments on what you think of them!

Just a little thought:

If you have something in life that you want to try out, just go all out and do it! Make a change in your life! You may actually see amazing changes that you wouldn’t expect! ‚̧

From Cupcakes to Penguinies ?

8 Jan

So I was recently introduced to this nail tutorial- designing cute cupcakes on your nails! Pretty exciting right? After watching, I was so determined to try it out the very next day!

My idea was to get cupcakes by the end of my DIY manicure, like duh. So…

Polishes I used:

  • Luminous pink polish -as the base coat;
  • ¬†Snow white nail polish -as the ‘frosting’ of the ‘cupcakes’;
  • Luminous orange polish -as the ‘cherries’ on the ‘cupcake’;
  • Dark purple polish- as the sweet ‘toppings’ on the ‘cupcakes’
  • Top coat- to make your nails shine! ‚̧
The polishes I used were bought from SASA. They sell polishes at really reasonable prices!

Left: base coat, Right: white frosting

Left: orange 'cherries', Right: purple 'toppings'

Top coat as finishing

You might wondering from the pictures above, ‘ Where in the world are the cupcake nails?’

Initially, my idea was to add blue and green polish after the purple polish, but as soon as I have completed 2 dots of purple on each nail, cute penguinies emerged! My cute penguinies were accidentally born! My cupcakes turned into penguins! It was so hilarious!

I send a picture text to my bestie, straight after my right mani was done, and she said if the base coat I used were black, it will be so much like a PENGUIN!

So if you pretty ladies want to try out this accidental penguiny surprise, you might want to change my initial luminous pink base coat to a black one. It will just be perfect! ‚̧

If you do not have a dotting tool to get pretty nice dots on your nails, then you might want to use a toothpick!¬†I used a toothpick to do the ‘eyes’ of the penguins, and the end product ain’t that bad.

So, if you are using a toothpick, here’s a little tip. Before dipping the toothpick into the polish, ¬†REMEMBER TO SNIP OFF A SMALL PORTION OF THE TOP OF THE TOOTHPICK TO GET A ROUNDER SURFACE.You will definitely get really nice round penguiny eyes!

And so this is my epic failure to get cupcake nail. But I’m happy to get penguins too! So, it’s a win-win for me! I will definitely try to get cupcakes next time! Until then, here are some penguinies for you:

My first attempt, so my penguinies look disfigured!

Penguinies on my right hand, with 1 poor penguiny! ūüė¶


My left hand of penguinies

This is the video I was watching that inspired me to get cupcake nails! So if you are interested ( I’m sure you are) in how the real cupcakes should look like, you might want to check her out! It’s really cute!

Do leave a comment if you have attempted with this nail art, and let me know if you can get the cupcakes or penguinies that you want! ‚̧



I’m only fooling myself

2 Jan

3 months of daydreaming, and 2 months of self-debating if the daydream should continue. Finally, the debate was over yesterday evening. It was crystal clear to me that I should STOP daydreaming.

Most certainly, I felt a prick in the heart. I was shocked and overwhelmed for a moment, but I should have saw it coming. Shouldn’t I?Despite that,¬†I need to move on, and focus on the real in life.

The real is that I have lovely family and friends. The real is that there are many people in the world in help of our help to survive. Wasting time on self-absorption, is just plain selfish. Why not use the energy to help and show some love to the people around?

Thanks goodness to my timid character, I was spared all¬†embarrassment. Thank god I did not do anything on impulse- which is what I’m notorious for. From today onwards, I shall not think about it (or anything related to it) and look forward.

Just let nature take its course, what is yours will be, and no one in this world can ever take that away. But what is not yours, even if you fight and possessed eventually it, it will be gone sooner than you know it!

On the first day of 2012, I have finally woken up for the dream I had for 5 months! Thank God it’s finally over, and now I can spend my time and energy on other stuffs that make this world a better place- starting with being nice to the people who love me dearly!

2¬†January2012, is the date where I shall start to focus on the REAL in life. SOMEDAY IT WILL BE MY TURN. SOMEDAY…

2011 in review

2 Jan

Thank You all the readers who have supported my blog in secrecy! Thanks to the people from US and Greece, and not forgetting peeps from Singapore! Do leave a comment if you want to voice something! I would really love to see it! ‚̧

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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