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It Happens…

12 Oct

You know how sometimes you relinquish the pointless dodging and just accept what ever sh*t that comes your way, ‘course you know that no matter how much you try to shun away, you can never dodge the bullet.  I mean- NEVER. It seems that I’m always attracting brainless crap (like how honey is madly attracting bees, and maybe bears- I don’t know), and I can’t seem to shake them off! I am always the first target. I just have THE FACE for sh*t; whatever that means.

Did I feel indignant and hapless? ‘Guilty!’

Was I vehement in dealing with the pointless crap? ‘……’

Did I feel life was unfair, and why couldn’t it be someone else? ‘Totally.’

Constant self-proclaim princess whining? ‘Nah, not to that extent. ;P’

As the months passed, I have learned to laugh it off and be indoctrinated to the fact that I am just destined to be the target for sh*t stuffs. On the bright side, joking around with J on why, and how am I apt to attract brainless crap, can really be a great laugh!

And besides, looking around, I am sure other people receive more crap than I do. So, why should I be complaining? Nowadays, when sh*t comes my way, I just accept it. I don’t exact embrace it with a warm hugs and kisses (who does that), but, let’s just put it this way.. I am indifferent/ immune to these now.

So tell me how do you feel when suddenly all these sh*t are suddenly lifted off your shoulders?

Suddenly, ‘BBAAMM!’ they are all gone!

Oh boy, this feel is so wicked awesome! It was exhilarating! Clear cerulean blue skies and all that jazz… Rainbows and unicorns, and pastel coloured gumballs rained on my parade (Don’t judge)…

Because of certain circumstances, I was freed! It was so unexpected. I mean, I was all ready to just go through the sh*t, but now they are all gone! 😀

What have I learnt from this?

If you can’t beat them, join them! You will learnt to accept it sooner or later, and maybe, just maybe the Lord will just take all the horrible things in life and you will be so happy, ‘course it was so expected. It is these unexpectedness that brings even greater happiness! It can really make your day! Try it!

This definitely beats moaning and blaming your wretched hapless life. Life goes on- whether you are happy or not right?

So why not? ‘Cause…..

Food for thought! 😀


I’m only fooling myself

2 Jan

3 months of daydreaming, and 2 months of self-debating if the daydream should continue. Finally, the debate was over yesterday evening. It was crystal clear to me that I should STOP daydreaming.

Most certainly, I felt a prick in the heart. I was shocked and overwhelmed for a moment, but I should have saw it coming. Shouldn’t I?Despite that, I need to move on, and focus on the real in life.

The real is that I have lovely family and friends. The real is that there are many people in the world in help of our help to survive. Wasting time on self-absorption, is just plain selfish. Why not use the energy to help and show some love to the people around?

Thanks goodness to my timid character, I was spared all embarrassment. Thank god I did not do anything on impulse- which is what I’m notorious for. From today onwards, I shall not think about it (or anything related to it) and look forward.

Just let nature take its course, what is yours will be, and no one in this world can ever take that away. But what is not yours, even if you fight and possessed eventually it, it will be gone sooner than you know it!

On the first day of 2012, I have finally woken up for the dream I had for 5 months! Thank God it’s finally over, and now I can spend my time and energy on other stuffs that make this world a better place- starting with being nice to the people who love me dearly!

2 January2012, is the date where I shall start to focus on the REAL in life. SOMEDAY IT WILL BE MY TURN. SOMEDAY…

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