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Thank God for the Haze

22 Jun

A few months ago, I watched Criminal Minds (Random? I know.). I can’t remember which episode it was, but I believe it was about tainted wine, causing drug overdose to its victims. Anyway, there was a scene I remembered lucidly. The scene goes like this:

It was dinner time. The table was set perfectly- with food and cutlery nicely placed. The mother (or was it the father) called upon the daughter to come down for dinner. The girl came down and was eager to start her meal. And the father said,’… You know better…’ The girl looked at her father with little vehement, closed her eyes, clutched her hands and prayed,’… thank you Lord for the food we eat. Thank you Lord for the air we breathe. Thank you Lord for the birds that sing. Thank you Lord for everything.’ With that, the family started their meal…

The grace the girl said before dinner really touched me. We are seldom contented with the things we have. The most basic element that enables us to survive- AIR, we (I mean, me) take it for granted.

I have never really taken these words ‘Thank you Lord for the air we breathe’ seriously. As long as I remember, air is something we breathe in everyday. I know that air is important for our survival- Duh. But I don’t really see air as part of my life as it is ALWAYS there. There is no lack of air for me, everyone has a fair share of it. (I don’t know if this makes any sense to you up till now.)

Anyway, ever since I came back from my vacation to Thailand (a few days ago), I was engulfed by haze. It was quite terrible. Even before the plane touched down, I could already smell the polluted air (or was it all in my mind, hmmmm….). Instead of being greeted by fresh night evening breeze as we headed out of the airport, we (BFF and I) were welcomed by blurry versions of the trees, roads, and vehicles. It was like our homeland was, and still is, in a zombie apocalypse! Ok.. ok… I’m exaggerating here. Haha..

I haven’t headed out since I returned home from my vacation…until today. I had a class at the local community centre, so I had to get my lazy ass out of the house and into the haze. I have asthma as a child, but it hasn’t really act up (thank God for that)… yet. But still, I was a little fearful that the haze might just aggravate it- with Pollution Standard Index (PSI) at its peak of 401. And true that, the haze has affected me a little. Walking to the community centre and back home has caused me to have slight sore throat.

(Or maybe I have the sore throat because I won’t stop munching on the goodies I brought back from Thailand… Hmmm…)

Anyhow, as I was walking home from the community centre with my facemask on, I looked up and saw no stars, probably blanketed by the thick haze hovering in the sky. In my whole life, I will always see a bright luminous yellow moon/crescent glistening in the dark sky, but not today. I was greeted by a fury reddish- orange crescent shining back at me.

Oh boy, was Mother Nature fuming at our self-seeking actions that harm our own environment. The red crescent was indeed really scary, like the end of the world was coming. Ok… I may be slightly dramatic here. But still, this shows that we have to do something to save our environment, no?

As a strolled back home (yes, I strolled in the haze, I was tired), I started thinking. What would happen to the animals in this haze? What will happen to the birds in the sky? Will they be able to sing again? What will happen to the stray cats and dogs that roam the streets and void decks? They have no N95 mask/ facemask to protect them from the haze. What will happen to the animals in the zoo? The elephants, the zebras, the otters, the giraffes, the sheep. Why would humans harm our own environment we live in?

Either way, I would like to thank God for the haze. Without this incident, I would not have appreciated the fresh air he has given me my whole life. So I would like to end off with this again:

Thank you Lord for the food we eat. Thank you Lord for the air we breathe. Thank you Lord for the birds that sing. Thank you Lord for everything.

We should learn to be grateful for the things we have.

(All pictures in this post are not mine)

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