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I’m On Cloud 9 Nailsy Time

13 Feb

Judging from my few previous posts, you can obviously see I have recent ‘cravings’ for nail art, and all that cute. Yes; I’m a nail design fanatic now! ūüėÄ

As you all know Vday is soon! And it so happen that I have stumbled across this super amazing YouTube video on nail art- Vday themed!

If you follow my on Twitter, you would have already seen my Vday themed nails! If not; here is one photo of the finished product:

'I'm On Cloud 9' finished nails- Right hand ‚̧

Watching the video made the whole process of doing the nail art seem really simple- ain’t it always the case. -.- It ALWAYS seem super easy; but sadly when we are doing doing the hands on ourselves it’s always otherwise. In the video, she used a dotting tool, so if you don’t have 1; fret not- using a toothpick or a bobby pin is just good enough.

So basically you start off with the base coat. Since the name of the nail design is ‘I’m On Cloud 9’, so it’s self-explanatory that we should start off with blue base coat for the sky right? If you have cute sky blue polish; then it’s just perfect! As I do not have 1; I replaced it with my metallic blue Eleanor polish.

Metallic Blue as base coat

After the base coat; it’s time for the cloud design with white Eleanor polish!

Clouds using Eleanor nail polsih

The number of clouds on each nail is to your preference. For me; I like to have 2 clouds- not too little not too many. But make sure you gauge the nail space left for your cute red hearts later on. If you nail is a little tiny; then draw tinier clouds so that  you have enough space to add on hearts.

In the video, she used her dotting tool and created 4 dots leading to the shape of the cloud. So you might want to try that too. My clouds:

I'm On Cloud 9

Now come to the designing of the hearts! In the video, she just used the dotting tool to doodle out the hearts. But I can never get pretty hearts like hers. So here’s a trick: THE-3-DOT-RULE.

A better picture of the heart so you can better understand and visualize.

You know the 2 humps of the heart? Well, using your dotting tool, dot 2 dots side by side, and you have created 2 humps for the heart. So how do you get the sharp edge at the bottom of the heart? Slightly lower but in the middle of  the 2 dots you have earlier created; dot a smaller dot. Then using the sharp edge of the toothpick, if you are using 1, dip some red nail polish on the sharp edge of the toothpick and use it to outline the heart shape out. And there you have it! YOUR HEART!

(If you are not using a toothpick, find an object with a pencil-like sharp edge to help to outline the heart)

It may seem really tough to do the heart, but once you get the trick, it’s actually pretty easy! I mean, if I can do it, then it has to be quite simple, I guess. ūüėÄ

Here is the polish I used for the hearts:

Luminous Orange polish as hearts

As I do not have a red polish; I replaced it with neon orange. At first, I thought the end product will not be as good, since it’s not blood red hearts but neon orange. But, I guess when the luminous orange came in contact with the metallic blue base coat, it sort of turn to a darker shade of red. So yeah- I’m happy with that!

More pictures!

'I'm On Cloud 9' final product


'I'm On Cloud 9' final product

Yay, Happy with my outcome! Happy Vday!

So hope you guys have a great and fun time doing this ‘I’m On Cloud 9’ nail art! If you have any other cool designs, or ¬†if you did this nail design, snap a picture and¬†¬†leave me a comment, I would sure love to see it! Have fun with nails, and I will see you pretty girls soon!

Leaving off with the video I have stumble across on YouTube. Go watch it!

You will be So missed- R.I.P Trouper

24 Oct

And this day came- 23 October 2011 marked the day our dear family friend was gone to the Lord. She came into our lives and touched our humane part of our heart by making us laugh at her extreme cuteness.

She was weak when she entered through our doors- bullied by her siblings. Unwanted, as she was different. We thought she would make it- but with our care, she struggled hard to survive. Soon she was in get health, though 99% of the time she was as lost as a baby bird.

She did not behave like her kind. She runs around in circles; scare herself silly; never could she ever sit up right. She is just the cutest little thing you could ever imagine.

From a skinny thing who almost died, soon became the fattest cutest fur-ball of her kind. She has the largest, darkest, innocent eyes which most of her kind do not have. She sleeps in her food bowl, with her back facing down and little paws sticking up like antennas. During her sleep, her little paws would vibrate suddenly in random intervals- like she was using paws as a danger detector or something.

I remembered during one spring-cleaning session of her home one afternoon, we opened her house, she was still sleeping. No matter how we tickled her, she would not wake up! Which species of any kind does that?! Who could still sleep so soundly despite the house being torn apart? It was so hilarious that we had it on film. *memories*

Months passed, and it was a few weeks ago that she became weak. Refused  to drink nor eat anything. From a fatty fur-ball to only skin and bone (literally). She was so tiny, it did not looked like the fur-ball we knew. We realized that her time was coming. She was going to a better place.

This day came yesterday. My brother and Mum have a buried her in our secret yard. I was still in school then. She will be missed.

I never thought I would be sad for an animal, considering the fact that I am terrified of them. I still remembered the 1st day she came. I was a little sacred to even touch her. She was the one who made me less afraid of animals.

And now? I miss her. I wish she was young again. I miss her cuteness. I miss the furry bunch of fur-ball. I miss seeing her lost in her own world. I miss seeing her scared herself silly. (And the sad music from my computer is so not helping at all as I write this entry- I about to cry ūüė¶ )

At least she is still close to us, and I could visit her any day.

Miss Trouper, you will be missed by all. You have strive to live despite the odds. Your existence alone has touched my heart.

To commemorate Miss Trouper:

And yes, she's the one is the green food bowl- as lazy/cute as ever

Little Miss Lazy

Taking a rest on a lazy everyday ‚̧

She with her nieces and nephews. Being the largest, she will still afraid of the tiny ones. IRONIC.

She as lazy that she would just stay put on your palm

She has the largest cutest eyes

'Check out my new ride sista! Bet you can't have one,' Miss Trouper

Two songs to end this commemoration:

For those who do not like pets, or are terrified by them: Do give them a chance to touch your hearts. You never know you might just fall in love with them.

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