Everyone Can Be A Superhero

28 Apr

Everyone can be a superhero. You do not need to have magical or extraordinary powers to be one. You could be a humble physician or nurse who takes extra time to ease your patients’ fear and distress. On the other hand, you could be the patient who turned your healthcare crisis into a way to help, and enlighten others. Not forgetting superheroes that are very dear to us all- our mothers. They have painstakingly given birth to us, and protected us throughout our vulnerable years.

In my opinion, people who made a difference in someone’s life and changed them for the better are what everyone regards as superheroes.

Alas, this was not my story at all. I am no ordinary little girl when I was first born on this Earth- I have a super power. How, and why? It was probably in my blood. I did not choose for this to be bestowed on me, but it did. It did not seem like a gift but a horrible nightmare during my initial childhood years, all the way to my adolescence.

Ever since young I would rather be cold than hot. Weird- but so true. I loved the extreme cold and winter had always been my ultimate favourite time of the year. I loved everything about the cold- crystal glints on snow , icy ponds surrounded by green pines , naked trees and beautiful frosted leaves.

Unlike everyone else that is normal, I did not need ear muffs , scarves or gloves to keep me warm. I never wore a windbreaker even during crazy blizzard storms. Instead I wore what people would normally wear during the summer- shorts and tank tops. Many believed I was a freak of nature. How could anyone normal be so cold- resistant?

I had no friends at school, and teachers would always give me the judgmental eyes in class. My only friend was my pet dog, Woffy.

This discrimination went on for many years, up till senior high; when my life was changed and there was no turning back.

One hot summer afternoon in the month of May, on the way home from school, ultimate mean girl in the whole of Cantor High School, Liza Spurly, went a little too far.

‘Hey Ice Witch, what are you doing out in the sun? Aren’t you afraid you will be scorched by the hot burning sunrays? And what about you parents; haven’t seen them since last winter. Have they all melted just the snowman? Or did you freeze and hid them in your basement, FREAK! Haha… ‘Liza mocked.

To be mocked all my life since young, I should be well immune to all the rude and stark comments. However, that afternoon, I did not know what got into me. I could not control my anger! It seems like all the hardships and injustice that I was keeping within me flooded my brain, and all I could think of was to find a way to make them silent.

As Liza was still mocking me, I turned around. My fists clutched with fury, and angry eyes darted towards her; giving her my death stare.

‘Oh… Look everyone, Miss Ice Freak is all angry. I’m so scared… Don’t pique her. Haha…’

I could not hold my anger any longer. Seething with fury, I closed my eyes and charged towards Liza, pushing her to the ground. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw a frozen Liza Spurly! In the month of May, I actually froze a person; probably to death!

Rogue - rogue Wallpaper

I was in shocked! A chill ran down my spine, and for the first time in my life, I actually felt cold- a feeling I do not want to feel ever again. Panic engulfed me. My legs were weak. I wanted to scream, but the shock of seeing Liza frozen solid, robbed me of my speech!

Just then, my mother drove into the front porch. She was mortified when she was greeted by the frozen ‘corpse’. Without wasting any second, she looked over her shoulders twice- as if checking to see if there was anyone to attest this scene. Then, she instructed me to help her carry Liza into the house.

On the sofa the frozen ‘corpse’ laid. My mother did something which you could only see on television. She breathed out fire. The flame from her mouth started to melt the ‘corpse’. Liza was revived by my fire- breathing mother.

I thought I was seeing things. My head was spinning. My vision was blurred. Blackout.

When I regained consciousness, my parents were by my side holding my hand.

‘Liza… She’s dead? I… I think I … froze her…!’ I murmured.

‘Oh, that mean old Liza Spurly is fine. She’s back home. Though she was persistent that you froze her, but don’t worry, no one believed her. Not even her own mother. The whole neighbourhood  thinks she’s delusional’, mother joked.

My parents then told me the whole truth. They have extraordinary powers. My mother breathed out fire, and my father could teleport to anywhere he wanted to go. I could not believe that my parents are ‘freaks’ too! They did not want to tell me the truth as they want me to grow up normally like everyone else. But they now know this is not possible. There is no way you can run away from your identity.

I was then transferred to the X-Men: School for the Specials. I found out that there were more people like me- some even weirder (in a good way)! Teachers at this school treated everyone equal. They taught students how to control and only use the gifts bestowed on them for goodness- to use the powers we have to help society and fight against crime and evil.

I learnt how to control my ice powers. I could freeze and unfreeze objects anytime I wanted! I had many friends just like me, and my dream is to work in the police unit to help fight against crime and catch criminals using my powers.

Who says superheroes only includes people who save the damsels in distress? I say this school, the teachers, and the classmates are my superheroes. They changed my life for the better. I was saturated with happiness, as if the whole world was on my side for once.

It was also in this new school where I met my soul mate. And another new chapter of my life has just began… …

Rogue "I Had To" - x-men-the-movie Wallpaper

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