Satisfied; Proud Moment

8 Jan

During this semester break, which officially ends today (Boo…), I did things which I had never thought I would actually do!

Bestie and I had actually set up a YouTube Travel Vlog channel featuring our recent travel experience! Since it was only launched last month, we only had a few vids up. But I am very sure more vids will be up when we continue travelling in the future.

In order to get the travel vids up, I had to learn how to use the video editing program. Being a super duper IT noob, I thought I would use all eternity to master it. But sooner than I thought, I have gotten use to it! Editing the travels videos we did in Port Dickson, Malaysia was fun, and not as tedious as I thought it would! (Do check the vids out- link down below!)

*Big accomplishment for an IT noob* *Proud moment*

Never in a zillion years could I see myself talking to a camera; in front of people who would walk pass you, and thinking to themselves ‘What in the world is this girl doing?’

Yup, I did that, alright! I got out of my comfort zone, and just do it! This travel Vlog experience has made me more confident, maybe not so confident, but hey, I’m getting there- SOMEDAY…

*Big accomplishment for a not so out-spoken person* *Proud moment*

Aside that, bestie and I have also launched our travel blog to go with our travel vlog!

Travel Blog:

Screenshot of our travel Blog: Travel Diaries

Travel Vlog:

Screenshot of our travel Vlog on YouTube!

If you are interested in travel, do check us out on our travel channel, and our blog! Do leave us comments on what you think of them!

Just a little thought:

If you have something in life that you want to try out, just go all out and do it! Make a change in your life! You may actually see amazing changes that you wouldn’t expect! ❤


One Response to “Satisfied; Proud Moment”

  1. Joanne January 8, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    It has been a memorable one month of hard work with mixed emotion feelings in the midst of our project! So glad you’re in this together with me! Saturated with happiness that we have accomplished our task at the end of the day. Despite only the beginning of it, i believe that so long with our passion and conviction in it, we’ll make our dream come true some days:) I would like to thank god for letting me bump into such an awesome friend in life who share the same dream as I so that we could have this opportunity to kick start our Travel Diaries! This semester break will not be such a fruitful one if not for this! Let’s continue to pursue this dream of ours and strive hard to turn it into reality! Thank you sister♥ You rocks♥

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