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14 Mar

Hi guys!

I will not be posting anymore short stories and all other jazz in this blog. I have changed to a new blog site:

I will post on short stories, travel, food and fashion. I just did a post on my recent vacation to Tasmania. Do go over there to have a look!

I will be more frequent in my posting on the new blog site. Do go over there and follow me! Thank You! ūüėÄ


It Happens…

12 Oct

You know how sometimes you relinquish the pointless dodging and just accept what ever sh*t that comes your way, ‘course you know that no matter how much you try to shun away, you can never dodge the bullet. ¬†I mean- NEVER. It seems that I’m always attracting brainless crap (like how honey is madly attracting bees, and maybe bears- I don’t know), and I can’t seem to shake them off! I am always the first target. I just have THE FACE for sh*t; whatever that means.

Did I feel indignant and hapless? ‘Guilty!’

Was I vehement in dealing with the pointless crap? ‘……’

Did I feel life was unfair, and why couldn’t it be someone else? ‘Totally.’

Constant self-proclaim princess whining? ‘Nah, not to that extent. ;P’

As the months passed, I have learned to laugh it off and be indoctrinated to the fact that I am just destined to be the target for sh*t stuffs. On the bright side, joking around with J on why, and how am I apt to attract brainless crap, can really be a great laugh!

And besides, looking around, I am sure other people receive more crap than I do. So, why should I be complaining? Nowadays, when sh*t comes my way, I just accept it. I don’t exact embrace it with a warm hugs and kisses (who does that), but, let’s just put it this way.. I am indifferent/ immune to these now.

So tell me how do you feel when suddenly all these sh*t are suddenly lifted off your shoulders?

Suddenly, ‘BBAAMM!’ they are all gone!

Oh boy, this feel is so wicked awesome! It was exhilarating! Clear cerulean blue skies and all that jazz… Rainbows and unicorns, and pastel coloured gumballs rained on my parade (Don’t judge)…

Because of certain circumstances, I was freed! It was so unexpected. I mean, I was all ready to just go through the sh*t, but now they are all gone! ūüėÄ

What have I learnt from this?

If you can’t beat them, join them! You will learnt to accept it sooner or later, and maybe, just maybe the Lord will just take all the horrible things in life and you will be so happy, ‘course it was so expected. It is these unexpectedness that brings even greater happiness! It can really make your day! Try it!

This definitely beats moaning and blaming your wretched hapless life. Life goes on- whether you are happy or not right?

So why not? ‘Cause…..

Food for thought! ūüėÄ


17 Sep

Time- could be something that is wanted or needed, or something that is a griping pain in the stomach; depends on your perspective.

Time passes by excruciatingly slow when you are waiting for someone who is late, or at a boring lecture when the teacher just goes on endlessly yapping away about how volcanoes are formed (like who cares?).

On the contrary, Time is wanted and needed (badly) when you are having a great time with friends, or when you know the time spend with a person is short lived.

And yes, how horrible it must have feel to be in a latter situation when you are desperately, trying all ways, ¬†to cling on to every second of the day, to care for, and be with a person. For you know, Time is being an evil overcast lurking to pound on you and remove the person you care for the most from your life. You will never know when this will happen, all you know is that, soon, Time will tell… …

Jonathan was my high school crush, then the love of my life. We had great plans together. After college, we would travel the world, go places, and just enjoy the company of one another. We build a dream together, Our Dream- filled with cheerful love, and bliss.

Everything was perfect. It was an excellent time, to go on our adventure around the world. Then, ‘perfect’ timing. He just collapsed- together with the wonderful plan we had created. Jonathan had cancer- third stage stomach cancer. He had been putting it off, and not telling anyone, because he wanted to spend the last moments he had on our adventure.

From that day of his collapse, life for us were not the same. It was precarious, not only for him as a patient, but for me. For me to see his health deteriorate slowly and painfully every single day was like me stabbing myself in the heart a zillion times, and lived another day to repeat the same action of stabbing. It was a mental and physical torture.

He would always greet me with a warm smile on his pale dried lips and watery eyes. His once golden tanned skin had now turned into a yellow shade due to the less exposure in the sun. I had always wanted to bring him out on a picnic  or on a calm boat ride but the doctors and nurses forbade me to do so, saying he was too weak to be exposed outside.

Every day, I would be in the hospital. No matter how tired I was from work, I went there. I needed to spend every second Time had given me. I needed the moment, I wanted the moment with him.

There were some good times in the hospital too. We would reminisce about days in high school and college, on how he tried to woo me, and how I played hard to get. Then, we would laugh it off, and thought how silly it was to waste so much time, when we could just cut to the chase, and be with each other- because Time was just way too dear like that.

Alas, there were also moments in the hospitals when Time was morbidly unforgiving. Jonathan would suddenly blackout, and I would be on a panic mode with all cells in my body on high alert preparing for anything that would happen to him.

And when days like this happened, I would often bawl my eyes to sleep, in fear that when dawn approaches, nurses would find Jonathan dead in his sleep, and the incoming dreadful hospital phone call may just send me into the heavens along with him.

Months passed, and Jonathan was not getting any better. He was in the terminal stage of his illness. His days were numbered. He knew it, and without fail, he still puts on the most dashing smile I have ever seen.

One day, as usual, as I was walking along the same corridors of the hospital, it hit me… The smell of ‘hospital air’ is really contagiously saddening. It was like death awaits for any poor soul to be set free from the human body, and then ‘poof’- death engulfs the soul like a snake ambushing its prey.

No! I could not do this. I could not let Jonathan spend his last days in a hospital of death! He had not left that wretched place in a very long time. I had to get him out.

I sneaked him out of the hospital that day, and I told him that we would have one- just one normal day together. Just the two of us. We went to the jetty, and cruised  along the calm lifeless lake where we had our first date.

It was like Time was being benevolent, and reverted back to 7 years ago. That day was like any other fine looking day, but to us, it was the best day of our lives. 7 years ago, we would let the gentle current of the lake drift us slowly to nowhere. And now, 7 years later, Time has brought has us back to where it all begin.

I was seated at the rear of the mini boat, crossed legged, and arms wrapped around Jonathan’s shoulders, while he had his head resting on my lap, with his legs stretched out. It was silent. The whole time, he was looking at me, and I, at him.

Drifted by the current, and with him close to me, sad thoughts flooded my mind of what could possibly happen to him any moment. I was quick to hide it with a weak smile and I would look up into the sky to distract myself. I couldn’t let him see that his illness was killing me. Though, I was convinced, he knew.

We were at the lake for maybe an hour or two, but it only seemed like a minute or so. Time had decided to change its mind to be gracious, and it wanted to take it all back.

His body was icy cold. Then an autumn breeze blew in our direction. I saw him opened his mouth.

‘… I … ‘

‘Sshhh… I know… I know…’

With that, he closed his eyes, and the cool breeze took him away.

Then… I was alone on that lake.

‘… I love you too…’

I never knew when this would happen, but Time told me somehow. And I got to spend the final moments with him- for that, I thank Time.

I Need To…

9 Sep

It’s already 2 months in the workforce…

There are some things in my life I need to change to break free from this wretched life I have.

I need to… Let GO!

I need to… LIVE for ME. Not for work, but for ME.

I need to… Do things I LOVE.

I need to… Sing. Sing praises to God.

I need to… Sing. Sing songs I love.

I need to… Bake. I find comfort in baking sweets.

I need to… Exercise.

I need to… Read.

I need to… Have ME time everyday.

I need to… Smile more.

I need to… Stop trying to be RIGHT. (Even though I am usually right- just saying…)

I need to… be HAPPY.

I need to… Change my perspective on things.

It’s definitely going to be hard. But… I need to TRY!

Thank God for the Haze

22 Jun

A few months ago, I watched Criminal Minds (Random? I know.). I can’t remember which episode it was, but I believe it was about tainted wine, causing drug overdose to its victims. Anyway, there was a scene I remembered lucidly. The scene goes like this:

It was dinner time. The table was set perfectly- with food and cutlery nicely placed. The mother (or was it the father) called upon the daughter to come down for dinner. The girl came down and was eager to start her meal. And the father said,’… You know better…’ The girl looked at her father with little vehement, closed her eyes, clutched her hands and prayed,’… thank you Lord for the food we eat. Thank you Lord for the air we breathe. Thank you Lord for the birds that sing. Thank you Lord for everything.’ With that, the family started their meal…

The grace the girl said before dinner really touched me. We are seldom contented with the things we have. The most basic element that enables us to survive- AIR, we (I mean, me) take it for granted.

I have never really taken these words ‘Thank you Lord for the air we breathe’ seriously. As long as I remember, air is something we breathe in everyday. I know that air is important for our survival- Duh. But I don’t really see air as part of my life as it is ALWAYS there. There is no lack of air for me, everyone has a fair share of it. (I don’t know if this makes any sense to you up till now.)

Anyway, ever since I came back from my vacation to Thailand (a few days ago), I was engulfed by haze. It was quite terrible. Even before the plane touched down, I could already smell the polluted air (or was it all in my mind, hmmmm….). Instead of being greeted by fresh night evening breeze as we headed out of the airport, we (BFF and I) were welcomed by blurry versions of the trees, roads, and vehicles. It was like our homeland was, and still is, in a zombie apocalypse! Ok.. ok… I’m exaggerating here. Haha..

I haven’t headed out since I returned home from my vacation…until today. I had a class at the local community centre, so I had to get my lazy ass out of the house and into the haze. I have asthma as a child, but it hasn’t really act up (thank God for that)… yet. But still, I was a little fearful that the haze might just aggravate it- with Pollution Standard Index (PSI) at its peak of 401. And true that, the haze has affected me a little. Walking to the community centre and back home has caused me to have slight sore throat.

(Or maybe I have the sore throat because I won’t stop munching on the goodies I brought back from Thailand… Hmmm…)

Anyhow, as I was walking home from the community centre with my facemask on, I looked up and saw no stars, probably blanketed by the thick haze hovering in the sky. In my whole life, I will always see a bright luminous yellow moon/crescent glistening in the dark sky, but not today. I was greeted by a fury reddish- orange crescent shining back at me.

Oh boy, was Mother Nature fuming at our self-seeking actions that harm our own environment. The red crescent was indeed really scary, like the end of the world was coming. Ok… I may be slightly dramatic here. But still, this shows that we have to do something to save our environment, no?

As a strolled back home (yes, I strolled in the haze, I was tired), I started thinking. What would happen to the animals in this haze? What will happen to the birds in the sky? Will they be able to sing again? What will happen to the stray cats and dogs that roam the streets and void decks? They have no N95 mask/ facemask to protect them from the haze. What will happen to the animals in the zoo? The elephants, the zebras, the otters, the giraffes, the sheep. Why would humans harm our own environment we live in?

Either way, I would like to thank God for the haze. Without this incident, I would not have appreciated the fresh air he has given me my whole life. So I would like to end off with this again:

Thank you Lord for the food we eat. Thank you Lord for the air we breathe. Thank you Lord for the birds that sing. Thank you Lord for everything.

We should learn to be grateful for the things we have.

(All pictures in this post are not mine)

Everyone Can Be A Superhero

28 Apr

Everyone can be a superhero. You do not need to have magical or extraordinary powers to be one. You could be a humble physician or nurse who takes extra time to ease your patients’ fear and distress. On the other hand, you could be the patient who turned your healthcare crisis into a way to help, and enlighten others. Not forgetting superheroes that are very dear to us all- our mothers. They have painstakingly given birth to us, and protected us throughout our vulnerable years.

In my opinion, people who made a difference in someone’s life and changed them for the better are what everyone regards as superheroes.

Alas, this was not my story at all. I am no ordinary little girl when I was first born on this Earth- I have a super power. How, and why? It was probably in my blood. I did not choose for this to be bestowed on me, but it did. It did not seem like a gift but a horrible nightmare during my initial childhood years, all the way to my adolescence.

Ever since young I would rather be cold than hot. Weird- but so true. I loved the extreme cold and winter had always been my ultimate favourite time of the year. I loved everything about the cold- crystal glints on snow , icy ponds surrounded by green pines , naked trees and beautiful frosted leaves.

Unlike everyone else that is normal, I did not need ear muffs , scarves or gloves to keep me warm. I never wore a windbreaker even during crazy blizzard storms. Instead I wore what people would normally wear during the summer- shorts and tank tops. Many believed I was a freak of nature. How could anyone normal be so cold- resistant?

I had no friends at school, and teachers would always give me the judgmental eyes in class. My only friend was my pet dog, Woffy.

This discrimination went on for many years, up till senior high; when my life was changed and there was no turning back.

One hot summer afternoon in the month of May, on the way home from school, ultimate mean girl in the whole of Cantor High School, Liza Spurly, went a little too far.

‘Hey Ice Witch, what are you doing out in the sun? Aren’t you afraid you will be scorched by the hot burning sunrays? And what about you parents; haven’t seen them since last winter. Have they all melted just the snowman? Or did you freeze and hid them in your basement, FREAK! Haha… ‘Liza mocked.

To be mocked all my life since young, I should be well immune to all the rude and stark comments. However, that afternoon, I did not know what got into me. I could not control my anger! It seems like all the hardships and injustice that I was keeping within me flooded my brain, and all I could think of was to find a way to make them silent.

As Liza was still mocking me, I turned around. My fists clutched with fury, and angry eyes darted towards her; giving her my death stare.

‘Oh… Look everyone, Miss Ice Freak is all angry. I’m so scared… Don’t pique her. Haha…’

I could not hold my anger any longer. Seething with fury, I closed my eyes and charged towards Liza, pushing her to the ground. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw a frozen Liza Spurly! In the month of May, I actually froze a person; probably to death!

Rogue - rogue Wallpaper

I was in shocked! A chill ran down my spine, and for the first time in my life, I actually felt cold- a feeling I do not want to feel ever again. Panic engulfed me. My legs were weak. I wanted to scream, but the shock of seeing Liza frozen solid, robbed me of my speech!

Just then, my mother drove into the front porch. She was mortified when she was greeted by the frozen ‘corpse’. Without wasting any second, she looked over her shoulders twice- as if checking to see if there was anyone to attest this scene. Then, she instructed me to help her carry Liza into the house.

On the sofa the frozen ‘corpse’ laid. My mother did something which you could only see on television. She breathed out fire. The flame from her mouth started to melt the ‘corpse’. Liza was revived by my fire- breathing mother.

I thought I was seeing things. My head was spinning. My vision was blurred. Blackout.

When I regained consciousness, my parents were by my side holding my hand.

‘Liza… She’s dead? I… I think I … froze her…!’ I murmured.

‘Oh, that mean old Liza Spurly is fine. She’s back home. Though she was persistent that you froze her, but don’t worry, no one believed her. Not even her own mother. The whole neighbourhood ¬†thinks she’s delusional’, mother joked.

My parents then told me the whole truth. They have extraordinary powers. My mother breathed out fire, and my father could teleport to anywhere he wanted to go. I could not believe that my parents are ‘freaks’ too! They did not want to tell me the truth as they want me to grow up normally like everyone else. But they now know this is not possible. There is no way you can run away from your identity.

I was then transferred to the X-Men: School for the Specials. I found out that there were more people like me- some even weirder (in a good way)! Teachers at this school treated everyone equal. They taught students how to control and only use the gifts bestowed on them for goodness- to use the powers we have to help society and fight against crime and evil.

I learnt how to control my ice powers. I could freeze and unfreeze objects anytime I wanted! I had many friends just like me, and my dream is to work in the police unit to help fight against crime and catch criminals using my powers.

Who says superheroes only includes people who save the damsels in distress? I say this school, the teachers, and the classmates are my superheroes. They changed my life for the better. I was saturated with happiness, as if the whole world was on my side for once.

It was also in this new school where I met my soul mate. And another new chapter of my life has just began… …

Rogue "I Had To" - x-men-the-movie Wallpaper

Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

15 Aug

Book Cover of Uglies

So I have just completed yet another book! Like finally! Hearts to that! ‚̧

Had brought this 1/4 read book on my Summer Vacation to Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) but wasn’t able to complete it, and then had to immediately returned it as it was way passed the due date-Oops! (If you haven guess already- it’s a borrowed national library book :D)

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And just a few weeks ago, I¬†managed¬†to get my hands on it when I visited the library! Hooray to that! I’m telling you, this book keeps getting ‘snatched’ off the bookshelves! So popular I must say.

Alrighty, enough about all the boring stuffs- let’s jump right into the book about UGLIES!

What if you believe that you have a way too high forehead, way too big a nose, and not to mention, your nose ain’t even positioned in the center of your face!?! What if you eyes are way too big, like they are going to pop out of their sockets any moment?! What if you are way too skinny that you look¬†frail and sickly? Or the opposite- big and round; and nothing you do or not do (eat) will help you lose the extra pounds?

And so basically, you are just NOT Magazine-¬†Supermodel- Like. To put it¬†bluntly, you are just UGLY;¬†your friend is UGLY; everyone is born UGLY!¬†What then? Let’s all sit around all day and weep? Or sing the Lady Gaga’ Song: Born This Way (And embrace it)! ūüėÄ

Well, the key way to break this ‘curse’? Going under the¬†knife of course! Many people around the¬†world¬†have done it. And all these¬†Liposuction,¬†Botox Injection,¬†Breast Augmentation, etc cost money! Ka- Ching! It’s all about the Price Tag.

What if I tell you that you, your friend and everyone in your estate can get the perfect body, the perfect face FOR FREE! Just turn 16, and you will be put under the knife and after that, you will love the person staring at you in the mirror. How awesome is that!

In this sequel, Scott Westerfeld starts off with the UGLIES (Book 1), where we journey with the main character in deciding if she wants to be pretty or stay UGLY for all eternity. But can one have the choice of staying UGLY? Or is it a MUST to be a PRETTY?

You may be confused- what is wrong with being a PRETTY? Only an idiot wants to stay UGLY. I mean, nice hair, nice skin, nice everything right? So what is the problem? Hmmmmmm……

Did I mentioned that the plastic surgery is FREE. So then, there must be a hidden cost involved.


I rate this first book of the sequel a 3.5/5 because this book can be a little too draggy. And it is slightly more difficult to read than the other books I have recommended- but still manageable. I love the intriguing story plot, and the adventures with the main character. It makes it wonder if I were in a world where everyone is given a chance to undergo nip tuck. Good or Bad?

Do you want to be an UGLY, or a PRETTY?

At this moment, after reading the book, I still believe I wana’ be a PRETTY. Being an UGLY is way too much work. Haha!

But maybe I may change my mind again after reading the next book of the sequel!

Drop me a comment if you have read this book, and tell me how to find it! I love to hear from you guys! ūüėÄ

Posing with Uglies!

Until next time,


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